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      Company History: Over 65 Years of Growth & Service

      The year was 1945. The United States was just entering a new and exciting era of peace and prosperity. And like so many back then, my dad got caught up with the spirit of the age and started Meyer Hydraulics - founded on dreams, a strong work ethic, and a desire to do things better.

      By 1961, he invented the world's first universal aircraft jack set designed to lift airplanes high enough to perform complete gear retraction tests. Today, our aircraft jacks can be found in most of the world's private aviation repair facilities.

      Over the years, we've specialized in the design and manufacture of unique lifting equipment - equipment that's meant to do more, and to do it better. Our U.S. patents are testimonials that this company is always searching the unknown and the untried to find better solutions to man's ever-changing equipment needs.

      Today, the Meyer family and our employees continue to dream ... to explore ... and to find better ways to serve those who make it all possible.

      2001 Update: Now we're into the 21st century. Already we've designed and produced lifting equipment for the new electric drive vehicles (EV's) and for the modern military FMTV trucks. What's next? Maybe your new lifting need!

      Barry G. Meyer
      , President
      Meyer Hydraulics Corp.

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