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      6,000 lbs. Capacity

      The A400 Series from Meyer Hydraulics has served as the general aviation industry standard for over 45 years. Professional service technicians rely on the A400 Series for the confident lifting of aircraft weigthing up to 8,000 lbs. with the security and features one should demand in aircraft jacks.


      (A) STEADY KNOBS Prevent motion when aircraft is elevated
      (C) POSITIVE SAFETY LOCK Spring loaded safety pin "pops" into the slide tube to prevent accidental lowering.
      (E) THREE 3" SPRING LOADED CASTERS The steel leg tips never scuff across the hanger floor
      (F) LOW-HEIGHT LEG DESIGN Provides maximum gear door clearance with one section completely free of any protrusions. The 4 legs insure excellent stability.

      A400 Series Items Height Ranges
      A419 Jack 19"/34"
      A421 Jack 21"/38"
      A422 Jack w/ AT422222* 22"/36"
      A422 Jack w/ AT42228 28"/42"
      A422 Jack w/ AT 42234 34"/48"
      A427 Jack w/ AT42727* 27"/46"
      A434 Jack w/ AT43434* 34"/58"
      A434 Jack w/ AT43454 54"/78"
      A434 Jack w/ AJL Legs +10"
      ATC-4 Cap +1 to 4"
      ATC-8 Cap +1 to 8"
      ATS Tailstand 30"/51"
      ATS w/ATS-AA72 Tube 51"/72"
      (*) ATC Caps will not work on these Tubes

      AJS Basic Set

      (1) A422 Jack w/ AT42234 Tube
      (2) A422 Jack w/ AT42222 Tube
      (3) ATS Tailstand
      (4) A434 Jack w/ AT43434 Tube
      (5) A434 Jack w/ AT43454 Tube and AJL Leg Set
      (6) AT42234 Tube
      (7) AT42222 Tube
      (8) ATC-4 Caps
      (9) AT43434 Tube
      (10) AT43454 Tube
      (11) AJL Leg Set

      AT42228 Tubes (2) and ATC-8 Caps (2)
      not shown in the above AJS Basic Set photo.

      AJS2 Deluxe Set

      (1) AJS Basic Set (above)
      (1) A422 Jack w/ AT42222 Tube
      (1) AT42228 Tube
      (1) ATC-4 Cap

      AJS3 Premium Set

      (1) AJS Basic Set (above)
      (2) A427 Jacks w/ AT42727 Tube

      Designed primarily for the new class of aircraft called Very Light Jets (VLJs). Each jack features an ultra low height and the maximum stroke range necessary for the large landing gear movements found on these jets.

      Click here for full diagram of accessories

      The A400 Series lifts retractable gear aircraft
      weighing up to 8,000 lbs.

      The above aircraft jacks are listed under the index categories of: Aircraft Jacks, Tripod Hydraulic Jacks, Hydraulic Jacks.
      (Cage Code: 1X747) FSC#1730-19900