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      New Wedge Design

      The shrinking work space under today's aerodynamic truck forces technicians to work in tighter areas and fight with the additional components. Between the air tanks, around the exhaust and under the fairings, every inch makes a difference. To help deal with truck design changes, Meyer Hydraulics has incorporated some beneficial refinements to the TTJ Low-Profile Lifting Systems.

      The sloping legs give the TTJ Low-Profile Transmission Jacks over 2" additional clearance and working area. Technicians now have greater access to the transmission, and increased mobility in tight spots. Also, the redesigned saddle provides 3 degrees more side tilt capability.

      The pan has been removed and the side tilt bolts have been redesigned.

        The pump can be lowered to one side,
      allowing the center of the TTJ series to pass
      under items hanging down as much
      as 8-1/4" off the floor.
      Load adjustment bolts allow easy precision positioning of maximum size loads.

      Heavy jobs are handled safely and easily, even awkward 5-speeds and super long-bodies Macks and Spicers, with the TTJ Low-Profile Lift System. The versatile TTJ will help your service technicians securely handle:

      • Transmissions • Drive Shafts • Transfer Cases • Rear Differentials • Axle Assemblies

      TTJ3 Low-Profile Transmission Jack with TTJ-Z1FA Lifting Saddle Assembly

      The TTJ3 Transmission Jack (NSN 4910-01-396-5044) with its new TTJ-ZIFA Lifting Saddle Assembly (NSN 2510-01-509-1903) easily handles the massive Allison 3070 PT transmission with its offset tranfer case for the military's new FMTV vehicles. Technicians can now work safely with the MD 3070 PT without being forced to remove any vehicle components or raise the FMTV.

      TTJ-DH Low-Profile Lifting System Drivetrain Handler Accessory

      The TTJ-DH (NSN 4910-01-396-5045) accessory adds even greater versatility to the TTJ Low-Profile Transmission Jacks. The wide lifting platform combines with the drivetrain handler enables the TTJ series Lifting System to securely handle:

      • Drive Shafts
      • Transfer Cases
      • Brake Hubs
      • Rear Differentials
      • Axle Assemblies

      TTJ Series Specifications

      Model TTJ TTJ3*
      Capacity 2000 lbs. 3000 lbs.
      Lift saddle low 3-1/2" 3-1/2"
      Lift saddle high 36" 36"
        (with elevators) 40" 40"
      Arm width 23-1/4" 23-1/4"
      Side tilt 12° 12°
      Front and rear tilt 25° 25°
      Frame length 45" 45"
      Frame width 31" 31"
      Frame height 14-1/2" 14-1/2"
      Weight 275 lbs. 295 lbs.
      TTJ Series Attributes

      • Built to Last Quality
      • Low Profile
      • Stability
      • Increased safety
      • Versatility
      • Operator convenience
      • Improved productivity

      For its proven effectiveness in the field, the U.S. government has
      assigned the TTJ3 and the TTJ-DH National Stock Numbers (NSN).

      • TTJ3 *NSN 4910-01-396-5044
      • TTJ-DH *NSN 4910-01-396-5045
      • TTJ-Z1FA *NSN 2510-01-509-1903

      TTJ is listed under the index categories of: Transmission Jacks, Transmission and Differential Lifts, Hydraulic Jacks.
      (Cage Code: 1X747) FSC#4910-21712